World Cup Fever

World Cup Fever

PAH Accounting are really suffering from World Cup Fever!

Every four years it comes along and if we do well can really lift the spirits of the nation. It never ceases to amaze me how such a positive buzz comes around at this time, whether you follow football or not. It was certainly noticeable a couple of years ago when England failed to qualify for the European Championships how the tournament was not well supported (in this country anyway!) and the summer was boring.

We’ve got a new government and an upcoming budget, but hey, if England do well, who is going to care. I’ll still be live blogging etc. on June 22nd by the way! It is interesting that David Cameron has agreed to have the England flag arisen whilst we are still in the tournament. Some great publibity I think.

With this great Soccer tournament going on PAH Accounting will be flying the flag for England and cheering our boys on. I better not go into my opinion on our chances apart from to say I am hoping this will be the time!

Come on England!!!

And should England not bring the trophy then good luck to all teams in it. We should remember how important this is to bringing Africa into such a major event.

**(sorry to my South African, Welsh and Scottish clients!)