Factsheets and Guides

Improving Cashflow

A guide to improving cashflow and tackling late payment

Setting targets and forecasting

A guide to choosing, measuring and using targets in your business

Capital Gains Tax

A guide to where and when Capital Gains Tax applied and how to make the most of your exemption.

Introduction to VAT

VAT for beginners including a look at the various rates and schemes


Key information on the updated guidance that will impact all employers

Tax rates for 2014 to 2015

A pocket sized and print ready version of our tax rate card. This shows rates and allowance for the 2014/15 tax year.

Salaries and Dividends

When is it benificial for a company director to take a dividend rather than salary.

Travel and Subsistence

A useful guide to employee benefits related to travel and how they relate to the taxes a business is liable for.

Company Car taxation update

Factsheet summarising the rules surrounding Company Car Tax

updated November 2014

Business Startup

Factsheet 1 – Some useful guidance on issues to consider when starting up a business

Business Structure

Factsheet 2 – Are you using the correct business structure? This factsheet runs through the options available and the factors to consider.

Financial planning for businesses

A guideline looking at how to set up business, including planning forecasting and review.


A useful guide on subsistence and entertaining including what the tax implications and benefits in kind are.

Regulations and rate changes – April 2013

Active update May 2013 - New business rules and regulations come into effect on ‘common commencement dates’ in April and October each year. The new tax year also begins on 6 April, bringing new rates and allowances into effect.

Tax rates card – April 2013

Pocket sized version of our tax rate card

Business Plan

Factsheet 3 – If you need to obtain finance then a business plan is vital. This factsheet will give key elements that should be included.

Company Car Taxation

Factsheet summarising the rules surrounding Company Car Tax

VAT Accounting schemes

A good summary of some of the main accounting schemes that could benefit your business

Employee and director loans

The tax implications of loans to employees and pitfalls of writing them off.