Who makes the tea?

Who makes the tea?

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Who Makes The Tea?  The Thoughts of a Home Worker…..

Having recently decided to go self employed, set up and run my own accountancy firm, the first thing I had to do was organise my own home office.  It is not as easy as one may think.  One of the first things to get used to is doing everything; hence the question of ‘who makes the tea’.  I have a corporate background where there was always someone to do it for you and yes, I should take my turn, but I was always too busy and this was low down on my list of priorities.  And then you have summer holidays where we have a 4 year old running around.  This causes its own problems and you can imagine trying to make phone calls or concentrate on important work.  In order to get around these issues, I needed to make sure that I had my own workspace, complete with a closable door and that I always give clear instructions when I’m not to be disturbed.

So why am I telling you all this?  Well, as an accountant who deals with the SME sector, my main client base is owner managed businesses, Sole Traders and Limited Companies.  A lot of these are also home workers.  This therefore gives me an understanding of my clients’ needs and issues.

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