The importance of ‘Brand’

The importance of 'Brand'




The importance of ‘Brand’

Every day you come across brands, probably without really noticing it. It’s the car you drive, the advert at the bus stop and it is the sign above your local shop.

A brand is an identity. It can be anything from a name, a sign, a symbol (Apple), a colour combination (Coca Cola, red and white) or even a slogan (“I’m lovin’ it”, McDonalds) yet a lot of businesses don’t feel the need to have a brand. In fact, a brand is often seen as “just a logo”. It really is so much more than this. A brand is also a work ethic, an ethos, a particular style of management.

A strong brand captures and influences its target audience. A successful brand self-promotes, offers a unique experience, loyalty and a consistent quality of service. If you represent your business then you are your brand, you are the identity that people associate with the business/product/service.

People buy from people. If you baffle with jargon, or just simply waffle on, people are less likely to pay attention. It is, therefore, important that your brand come across in everything you do both online and offline and that you portray a clear and concise message.

Written by Liz Fox of Funky Fresh Limited

Liz Fox assisted PAH Accounting by producing a 4Networking signature as well as a Twitter background. In each case she has ensured that my brand is consistent throughout. Here at PAH Accounting we can highly recommend her design and marketing services. For more information check out her testimonials and website.