PAH Accounting goes to bed with Kashflow

PAH Accounting goes to bed with Kashflow

It sounds sordid but it’s true. Following a period of negotiation and review of various accounting systems, PAH accounting has decided to become an affiliate partner of Kashflow.

Kashflow is a web based package and is designed specifically for small businesses. Being web based it has the advantage of being accessible from anywhere. You are always using the most up to date version of the software. It also doesn’t need to be backed up (although you can take a back up where required). If, however, your accountant is insistent on using sage this is covered too as it is able to export into Sage programmes at the year end!

The biggest reason for PAH accounting to choose Kashflow is that it is written by and designed for non accountants. Sounds strange, but actually makes a lot of sense! The accounts system is straightforward and easy to follow for the end user. This means there is less chance of errors at the end. If there are any queries from the client, PAH accounting can log in to the account and correct any errors or view issues instantly. No need to exchange backups via email!

The software itself is able to:

  • Create customised invoices and email them directly to Customers
  • Print and send reminder letters
  • Receive email reminders of unpaid invoices
  • Record all purchases
  • Record all payments made and received
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Calculate VAT Returns
  • Set-up invoices to be automatically created at future dates and in certain intervals
  • Keep detailed information on customers and suppliers

If you are interested in trialling the Kashflow software use this link. You can trial it for up to 60 days before making a commitment to buy. Contact us about direct offers available which are in fact cheaper than buying from Kashflow direct.

Note that PAH accounting still support businesses that use other software packages and can provide advice and training on a variety of systems. Contact us for more information.