Charitable Donations

Charitable Donations


This is not a normal boring Accountancy Blog post today (however, read through to the bottom!)

Through business networking with the 4Networking group I have recently come across a man called Mike Buss. Mike is an ex serviceman on a mission. He is an endurance athelete who is attempting to break several world records. He runs marathons with 40lb packs on his back! Check out his Website, some of the things he is doing are truly awesome. All of this he is doing to raise money for Help for Heroes.

I thought I would therefore tell everyone about something I am doing to help! As I am a bit over the hill when it comes to fitness I thought running a marathon would be a bit over the top! Therefore, I have agreed to take part in a sponsored Sleep-Out. On Friday 20th November a group of people, including myself, are going to be sleeping rough overnight in Highworth high street.

1 in 4 of Londons homeless are ex servicemen who have found it difficult to adapt to life on Civvy street.

Help for heroes is a charity dedicated to helping ex servicemen and women when they leave the forces. Their motto is ‘Remember the Fallen: Care for the Living’

It really is a great charity and if you would like to sponsor me then go to my Just Giving donations page. Feel free to ask if you want to join in or get further information.

here’s the accountancy bit!

You may also wish to sponsor Mike or help out with his charity work. There can be some great business benefits to sponsoring organisaions and individuals. As an example Mike will get lots of publicity in local and national press for his efforts. Your logo could be appearing on national television as well as his website! In many cases for both Companies and Sole Traders gifts can be a deductible expense – contact me for more info on this!