Business Book Review – Get off your arse by Brad Burton

Business Book Review - Get off your arse by Brad Burton

I don’t read many business books. Generally I feel I have a good handle on business and how it works. I have a great network of contacts for business advice and help when needed. However, I felt compelled to read this one.

This has been written by the Managing Director of 4Networking, the largest joined up business network in the UK. As a member of the network I have met Brad on a few occasions and been intrigued by his stories.This book really is an extension of that.

It explains the story of how Brad went from quitting his high level marketing job to becoming a top rated speaker and networking genius, via a few shifts at a renowned pizza establishment!

The title of the book, Get off your arse, is akin to Brad’s style of business. It is very in your face with a lot of beyond the watershed language. Don’t read it if easily offended. It has to be this way to get straight to the point. A key message that Brad is getting across is to be real and true to yourself. It is the best way to get on in business and a great tip.

Throughout, there are many hints on how you can use networking and apply it to your business. 4Networking itself really has revolutionised the business networking scene. One of the main things that got this going was where Brad took a look at all that was wrong with business networking at the time. His core thinking was that the days of the ‘referral fairies’ were outnumbered. People want to choose who they do business with. The Meet, Like, Know, Trust ethos was born. Four (a recurring theme for Brad) key things that two people need to have before they will do business.

Brad also introduces several new business terms, ‘Cufflinking’ being one of my favourites.

If you know Brad Burton, or have been on the 4Networking website, you will have come across many of the stories in his book so not a great deal of it will be new. There is enough in it, though, to make it a good read and some intriguing insights that are new to the table.

Overall the main thing I like about the book is that Brad’s style of business is a bit similar to my own. I am not quite as in your face but certainly like to feel I have fun and be myself when working. Clients of PAH Accounting, I am sure appreciate this!

To get your copy go to To find out more about Brad Burton go to his website

In any case, what does my opinion matter, it was voted best business book of 2009*

* By his Mum!!!