31 October – deadline for filing paper tax returns

31 October - deadline for filing paper tax returns

Old Fashioned Paper Returns

The self-assessment filing deadline for paper returns 2008/09 is 31 October 2009. If you file a paper return after this date you will be issued a £100 penalty.

HM Revenue and Customs have indicated that if you tried to file online and failed due to some fault in the online filing process, a paper copy can still be sent after the 31 October; however, you must enclose a copy of the online filing error. HMRC will only cancel the £100 penalty where appropriate evidence is shown. In our experience this is often difficult to prove as the online system is becoming almost faultless.

This isn’t an issue for clients of PAH Accounting. All of our returns are filed electronically, using our specialist software, in which case the deadline remains 31 January 2010. This does not mean leave it until January before sending information to us. Time is needed to process the information for you! Also the earlier your information is sent in the quicker we can advise you of your liabilities due in January. This can help you plan for your tax payments.

For those that do their own tax return they may in fact benefit from using the online system. A quick and easy registration process as well as an easy to follow user interface makes it much easier for individuals to file their own tax returns. It is certainly a lot less daunting than the paper forms! Also you can quickly and easily check your tax return liabilities and status.

If you are in any doubt and want any advice on how to file your return please feel free to get in touch.