Live 2016 Budget blog

Live 2016 Budget blog

Live updates on the items that will affect small businesses. Keep refreshing the page.

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  • We choose to put the next generation first
  • Chancellor confirms his view that Brexit will create uncertainty on the OBR growth forecasts
  • Lowest proportion of people claiming benefits since 1970
  • Loan to participators to be taxed at 32.5%
  • Personal service companies and loans to directors will be hit hard – Tax avoidance crackdown to include personal service companies
  • Interest rate relief on borrowing – will this affect buy to lets?
  • Loss relief are to be reviewed and restricted to 50%. Reform of offsetting losses for tax purposes to be ‘reformed’. More flexibility, but limits to 50% – banks will be limited to 25%
  • VAT reforms for overseas suppliers to online retailers
  • Small business rate relief increased permanently
  • SDLT reformed From midnight tonight for commercial property too slice not slab. Details later. 9% pay more, raises £500mn
  • #Budget2016 will fund a dramatic improvement in HMRC service
  • Chancellor: From 2018 we are going to halve the price of the tolls on the Severn Crossings
  • Budget2016 Tobacco duty keeps rising; beer and cider duty frozen, along with whisky – other sin taxes to rise with inflation as planned
  • CGT headline rate cut to 20% from 28%, in three weeks’ time. Lower rate CGT cut to 10%
  • From April next year I am going to increase the ISA limit from just over £15,000 to £20,000 a year for everyone
  • Chancellor:…put in £4,000 and the government will give you £1,000. Every year. Until you’re 50 #LifetimeISA #Budget2016
  • Pension reforms replaced by increased ISA limits and a ‘Lifetime ISA’s for <40’s with £1000 from Gov for every £4000 you put in
  • Extra increase in personal allowance great for the low paid and further along the path to £12,500 by the next general election
  • “A Budget that gets the investors investing, the savers saving, and businesses doing business”



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